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Selling clothes online is growing exponentially. Statistics tell the story. The garment and textile industry is worth more than $3 billion today, and an annual growth rate stands at about 4 percent.  Women’s wear and men’s wear, particularly, experience the biggest growth (12% and 14%) annually. Despite the clothing industry experiencing exponential growth, breaking through the industry as an online merchant can be a daunting task. Way too many people have ventured into the business of selling clothes online. However, you can take the following steps to outsmart your competitors and sell more clothes each month:

Build out an excellent e-commerce website to sell clothes online

The online revolution has seen many brick-motor-stores close shop. Those that still operate created online extensions of their brick-and-motor stores to change with the times. But, just having a website is not enough to beat competitors and make you money. You have to invest time, effort and money to create an excellent clothing website. Some of the features necessary for optimal performance of your clothing website include responsive design, user-friendly interface, robust security features, product reviews, a blog feature, shopping cart software and reliable payment systems. This is why, choosing the right website builder is also important when building your e-commerce website, hence we recommend you to check out https://www.shopify.com/sell/clothes.

Implement rigorous marketing campaigns to sells clothes online quickly

Most online clothing businesses fail due to lack of effective marketing strategies. It’s entirely okay to implement paid marketing strategies like Pay Per Click, affiliate marketing, and Google Adsense to promote your products. But, you can put in place smart social media marketing strategies to boost your e-commerce sales. With more than 2 billion people on social media today, it’s the single greatest frontier to get potential customers to your website and convert them. You can leverage social media by sharing your products and content on social media. With daily exposure, more visitors will take notice of your site and pay a visit every time to buy products.

Embrace variety to attract more customers and sell clothes online fast

Selling only a particular type of clothing, for example, children clothing could limit your earning potential. Consider selling a wide range of clothing such as plus size, teenage, mums, and maternity clothing to attract different kinds of customers to your store. The plus-sized women’s clothing business has been overlooked for decades. Including those and other clothing kinds will not only bring different customers from different backgrounds to your online clothing store but increase your bottom-line as well.

Dig deeper to get to grips with your customers

In this day and age of cutthroat competition in the online space, it’s vital to do a rigorous market research to know your customers personal and buying characteristics. Get to know what your target customers like, their pain points and what drives them to buy clothes online. With all this information, you can stock clothes that are well suited to their needs. And this will help you alleviate the problem of slow-moving stock.

Increase your engagements on social media to sell clothes for money online with ease

These days, online clothing store owners can grow their business without spending a dime on an advertisement, thanks to social media. With the integration of social media share buttons on virtually every website today, owners just need to share their products with social media and potential customers will start trooping to their sites. However, with so many clothing websites offering top-end clothing today, just sharing your content on social media won’t cut it. You need to develop trust with your customers by engaging them. Encourage them to post comments on your Facebook business page and other social media pages. Also, dedicate a section for user-generated content on your site, and soon enough, followers will convert into buyers in record numbers.


If you haven’t started a website to sell clothes online yet, there are tons of articles and YouTube videos you can leverage. Just type the keyword ‘’How to start an online clothing business’’ in your Google search bar and tons of articles and videos will appear. Then implement the tips on selling clothes online above to get your clothing store off the ground.